Plan & Iterate

Now it’s your turn. It’s time for you to decide, based on everything you’ve learnt so far, what is important for your business or organisation.

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screenshot of Boomerang's crowdfunding capabilities


Unique to our platform, where you decide a feature request’s benefits don’t meet the costs that would be incurred, you can ask your users to help by pledging funds. Users make payments directly on your site, and the progress of the crowdfunding campaign can be seen from the feedback item’s page.

(Requires the free WordPress plugins WooCommerce and WP Crowdfunding)

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screenshot of Boomerang's smart prioritization algorithm capabilities

Smart Prioritization Algorithm

If you don’t have the time to wade through all the feedback, and their accompanying metrics, let our priority system take care of it. Coming Q2 2024.

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screenshot of the Boomerang private notes capabilities

Internal Communication

Use private notes to keep track of additional contect from users. Choose which team members can manage each board. Track every action with an audit log.

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