Inform Decisions 

While feedback is great to receive, there will undoubtedly be more questions to ask. Use our tools to let your communities choose what is important to them.

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screenshot of comments

Voting and Comments

Switch on voting to let users quickly articulate what they think are the most important ideas for their business or organization.

Switch on comments to get more granular details about why they think an idea is important.

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screenshot of Boomerang's polls capabilities

Quick Polls

Pick a few pieces of feedback and present them to users as a binary choice. Let them have the final say on which features on a shortlist should be developed next. Coming Q1 2024.

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screenshot of the Boomerang tags capabilities


By letting users add tags to their posts, you give them the opportunity of segmenting their own ideas and requests. This helps you organise where each item fits into your world.

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Start informing your products better today.