Collect Feedback

It all starts with our feedback form. Let your customers enter everything they need to get their point across.

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screenshot of a board's settings

Organize Customer Feedback with Dedicated Boards

Each board can have its own unique settings.

  • Great for multiple products
  • Turn off features to suit, for example, disable voting and statuses to create a reviews platform
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screenshot of Boomerang's guest submission capabilities

Allow Guest submissions

Allow users to post and vote anonymously. Worried about spam, duplicates or malicious posts? Don’t be. Here’s why.

  • reCAPTCHA and Honeypots for spam
  • Time, IP or parameter requirements
  • Hold for moderation system
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screenshot of the Boomerang custom fields capabilities

Gather Even More Insights with Custom Fields

Include a range of custom form fields to get even more feedback from your customers.

  • Upload files and media
  • Checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns
  • Range sliders, true/false, colors, dates and much, much more
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Start informing your products better today.