Get user feedback for your
Shop. Restaurant. Software. Hotel. Company.

Boomerang provides a simple interface for your users or customers to provide feature requests, ideas or suggestions about your goods or services.

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Collect any form of feedback from your customers, or staff!

Collect feedback

Gather insights from your Boomerangs.

Inform Decisions

Use data and feedback to drive decisions.

Plan & Iterate

Build improved versions of your product.

Announce Features

Engage your audience with updates.

While created with feature requests in mind, you can use Boomerang to collect any form of feedback from your customers, staff, potential leads and so on.

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screenshot of Boomerang directory page

Collect Feedback

Collect feature requests, ideas or any other type of feedback. Get people to vote on the best ones and keep everyone engaged with comments

screenshot of a single Boomerang

Inform Decisions

With our voting and comment system, you can see not just why people prefer some ideas over others, but also why.

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screenshot of Boomerang's crowdfunding capabilities

Plan & Iterate

Invite people to crowdfund to develop. Communicate with team members to decide priorities. Analyze feedback with our Smart Prioritization Algorithm*.

*Coming Q3 2024

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screenshot of the Boomerang Status Center

Announce Features

You asked for their help; don’t keep them in the dark. Email notifications. Status changes. Public roadmaps*.

Never break the feedback loop.

*Coming Q4 2024

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We created a demonstration site to showcase some of the main features Boomerang has to offer. Try it today.

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